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SILVERCHAIR fans around the world
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4th-Mar-2013 12:14 pm(no subject)

Chris with Laura, the New Year's Day charity bash

source and credit: http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/2013/01/party-rivals-see-in-new-year.html
3rd-Mar-2013 10:51 pm - Van Dyke Parks on Daniel Johns
Since the date of Van Dyke Parks gig is approaching...
16th-Jan-2013 09:28 pm - Live from Newcastle
brian came
Awsome full gig from 1995. Silverchair played at Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle.Oh yeah, and it involve Fat Donuts :

15th-Jan-2013 08:54 pm - News from chairpage


Chris Joannou ill be taking part i Rock 'N' Ride, riding his motorbike from the Big Day Out at the Gold Coast to the Adelaide Big Day Out, a race through 4 states over 5 gruelling days all in the name of raising awareness fo headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson ill be leading 'Rock 'N' Ride which is presented by the Big Day Out. Chris and Phil will be joined by up to10 musician and media personalities, including co-founder of Rock ‘N' Ride CEO of Big Day Out, Adam Zammit, Jamieson's wife, Julie, and mates Paul Mac (Musician/Producer on Big Day Out lineup), Jake Stone (Bluejuice), Nathan Hindmarsh (Parramatta Eels and Australian Rugby League legend), Kate Peck (MTV Presenter) and Steve Andrews (Black Dog Ride) in a mammoth 5 days of music and motor biking largess.

headspace provides young people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, drug and alcohol problems with support and services across Australia. The Rock ‘N' Ride group will be stopping into headspace centres in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA regional towns.

During the town stops the Rock ‘N' Ride riders will meet and greet the local community, media and youths of  headspace joining them for lunch, autograph signing, photo opportunities, acoustic performances from Phil Jamieson, Paul Mac and Chris Joannou plus other giveaways. The riders will also be talking to the local community and media about headspace and how important their centres are to the local youth and their families.

"Every year we get involved with Big Day Out festivals across the country and this year we're excited to take this partnership to another level. Rock ‘N' Ride gives us the chance to engage regional young people in their communities and at headspace centres to create awareness of the mental health issues young people face and where they can go to get support." -  headspace CEO, Chris Tanti.

Sunday 20th January: Gold Coast Big Day Out ~ Rock ‘N' Ride departure
Monday 21st January: headspace centre, Warwick ~ Connabarabran - live performance
Tuesday 22nd January: headspace centre, Bathurst ~ Headspace centre, Wagga Wagga
Wednesday 23rd January: headspace centre, Bendigo ~ Swan Hill - live performance
Thursday 24th January: headspace centre, Berri  ~ Headspace centre, Murray Bridge
Friday 25th January: Adelaide Big Day Out ~ arrival into show grounds

For further information on headspace or Rock 'N' Ride visi www.headspace.org.au  "


15th-Jan-2013 01:17 am - Dan in Adelaide
 Daniel will be joining Van Dyke Parks onstage during Adelaide Festival on March the 8th. Is anyone going?
Apparently, besides supporting the composer, he will play a couple of solo songs. Exciting!

photo source
14th-Jan-2013 02:54 am - Bento Launch Party + RawFish
beauty queen
Bento launch party 

and the first RawFish!
13th-Jan-2013 09:24 pm - Chris is alive
photo source

More Chris soon to come ((((:
13th-Jan-2013 03:13 pm - Interview with Ben from December
Ben was interviewed by Jetstar Magazine in December:

Has the rest of silverchair heard your new stuff?

I haven't shown the new music to Dan or Chris [Joannou, bass guitarist]. It would be like going to my ex-girlfriend with pictures of my new wife. They may have heard it, but I don't take it to them. "

Here is the rest
5th-Jan-2013 03:21 am(no subject)
New old photo of Daniel and Art Alexakis


source: http://imgur.com/gallery/8afDf
3rd-Jan-2013 03:14 pm - Daniel Johns documentary
Such a pity this won't happen after all
1st-Jan-2013 11:34 pm - Workshops with Daniel
Getting pretty skinny
Australian drummer Ben Gillies has been staying busy with his new solo project, Bento, while his band Silverchair, which he co-founded remains on an indefinite hiatus.
On October 26th (just two days after Ben Gillies 33rd birthday), Bento will release their twelve track album, Diamond Days, which features an assortment of Gillies' muso mates, including Papa Vs Pretty's frontman / guitarist, Thomas Rawle. Diamond Days, produced by Ben Gillies and Eric J Dubowsky (Faker, Art Vs. Science), is said to have "bristling and glistening rock & roll songs, with Ben up front, singing his heart out, singing his own songs, and opening up like you've never heard him before."

"Being part of something as awesome and mammoth as Silverchair required so much of myself and at times there was very little energy left for other things," says Gillies. "Now I feel as if I'm freed up and can satisfy my own creative output and get about doing what makes sense for me at this point. It's been a while in the making and I'm excited to finally share it."
Prepare yourself – Bento sounds nothing like Silverchair. And if you happened to have heard Ben’s short-lived Tambalane project from a few years back, well, Bento sounds absolutely nothing like that either.
You can download Diamond Days today ... through the Drummer Cafe.


source: http://www.drummercafe.com/music-industry/drum-news/ben-gillies-unveils-bentos-new-album-diamond-days.html
13th-Oct-2012 08:01 pm - Do you know Team Me?
The Norwegian band named one of their songs after Daniel:
13th-Oct-2012 12:57 am(no subject)
Not much news on Dan lately, except for that very relevant piece from the Daily Telegraph:

Mystery woman for Daniel Johns

SPRING fling or new love?


The pair - seen canoodling at the weekend at Woolloomooloo - looked the happy couple lunching at China Doll, according to onlookers.

The elusive rock star split from long-time girlfriend model Louise Van der Vorst over six months ago, and the last time Johns hit our radar he was getting "very, very cosy" with a dark-haired dude.


16th-Sep-2012 03:19 pm(no subject)

A good question was actually raised:

Does anyone know what is Chris doing these days?

by Nathan Jolly

The Veronicas co-wrote a number of songs with Daniel Johns, some of which are slated to appear on their forthcoming third album Life On Mars (the title track features Billy Corgan on guitar, too!). This is a quote from an interview TMN did with Origliasso during the week. Read Monday's TMN for the full feature, in glorious print.

"Because of the way we wrote the last few records–it was with a lot of incredibly talented songwriters, some of the best writers in the world–we were learning a lot about how to write great pop music from people like Max Martin, people like Tony Gad.

"This record was our chance to take on board everything we’ve learnt and get in and collabarate with other forms of artists. You know, you’ve got your Max Martins, and they are brilliant, but they write songs in a very specific way. When you get into a room with someone like Daniel Johns, he is a very unlimited thinker and an unlimited creator. For us to get in there and feed off that energy and to explore and push things way out, that was an unbelievable experience.

"We’ve got some incredible songs from it, so we are both happy."


20th-Jul-2012 10:28 am - "Atlas" by Daniel Johns
beauty queen

Iconic Australian musician, Daniel Johns, winner of 21 ARIA awards and three times winner of APRA's songwriter of the year, has written, arranged and performed an epic new piece called "Atlas" in a unique collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Qantas. The piece forms the soundtrack for the new Qantas brand and Olympic advertising.

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